Building our family one patient at a time

Our clinic provides a full range of women’s health treatments. We pride ourselves in providing a high standard for our female patients.  Whether it is an annual checkup, or pre-pregnancy advice or helping with gynaecology needs … we have a doctor to meet your needs.

Problems treated here include:

  • Amenorrhoea i.e. absence of menstrual periods
  • Abnormal vaginal bleeding e.g. heavy bleeding
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Abnormal discharge
  • Pre-pregnancy guidance and testing
  • Menopause
  • Urinary tract infections (UTI’s)
  • Pap smears

How effective is the Pap smear?

Regular Pap smears every two years can help prevent up to 90 per cent of the most common type of cervical cancer. It is still the most important step in preventing cervical cancer. It is a quick process and you can have confidence in our experienced GPs.

At the time of having your pap smear you may also have an STI check and a breast check. Ask your doctor here during your consult.

How often should I have a Pap smear?

All women over 18 who have ever had sex are advised to have a Pap smear every one to two years, even if they no longer have sex.

Your general practitioner may recommend more frequent Pap smears if a previous smear showed significant cell changes or you experience problems, such as bleeding or pain after sex.

What are the symptoms of cervical cancer?

In the early stages of cervical cancer, there are usually no symptoms. The only way to detect changes is if you have a Pap smear.

If you have any abnormal vaginal bleeding (such as intermittent bleeding, bleeding after sex or after menopause), abnormal or persistent vaginal discharge (bloody or offensive), or pelvic pain, you should see your general practitioner without delay.

Pap Smear Results

We will usually receive your Pap smear result within two weeks.

If follow up is needed we will ask you to consult with the doctor for explanation and treatment options.

We also use a recall system for reminders and follow up to give maximal health treatment.

Abnormal Pap Smear Results

Many women feel anxious or worried when they have been told that their Pap smear result is not completely normal. An abnormal result hardly ever means you have cancer.

About one in every 10 Pap smear results will have a comment or indicate some kind of problem. Most of these are not serious, and your general practitioner can discuss this with you.

Unsatisfactory sample

Sometimes the report will indicate that the sample was unsatisfactory. This may happen for a variety of reasons and is commonly because:

  • the cells may be obscured by blood, inflammation or mucous;  • there may not be enough cells on the sample to give an accurate assessment.

If any of these problems occur, you will be asked to have another Pap smear in 6-12 weeks. This allows time for the cells of the cervix to renew, so there are enough for another sample.


Quite often a Pap smear will show signs of inflammation. This means that the cells of the cervix are slightly irritated.

This irritation may be due to an infection, even though you may not be aware of any symptoms. This might be a bacterial infection or thrush.

Sometimes the cause of the infection can be detected by the Pap smear. Your doctor or nurse will talk with you about further tests to identify the infection and what treatment is required.