Building our family one patient at a time

If you’d like to keep your body in tune then a full medical check-up is the solution!

Meet with the Doctor to discuss any of your concerns and to work out your risk factors
to ensure you keep in great health!

Some reasons men want to see the doctor.

  • Risk factors e.g. Cholesterol , family history e.g. previous health issues
  • Diet and Weight
  • Heart risk assessment, blood pressure
  • C.G (Resting & Stress)
  • Blood sugar (diabetes)
  • Prostate blood test
  • Quit smoking assistance
  • Your concerns
  • Prostrate Cancer: Mostly common in older men. Men need to consult their family practitioner who may need to refer the patient to a urologists if necessary. It is highly recommended that men, after the age of 50 need to do annual blood test namely PSA (prostatic surface antigen) a relatively inexpensive lavatory blood test.